Risk Division

Welcome to the Risk Division!

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Who are we?

Co-Directors Catherine Deacon and James Counsell

Since the 2007-08 Financial Crisis, the importance of understanding risk in all areas of
finance and banking has become paramount. The NEFS Risk Division has been set up to help
Nottingham students achieve their aspirations of pursuing a career in finance, particularly
focused on Risk. Members of the division will develop their understanding of the different
aspects of risk in the industry, as sessions will offer a unique opportunity to immerse in
discussion and activities to develop knowledge about the sector.

What Do We Do?

Our division meets on a regular basis, teaching analysts about the principles of risk in areas
including Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Asset Management,
FinTech and the Public Sector.
We also consider the specific types of risk in finance, including technological risk, credit risk,
operational risk and many others.
Our analysts engage in a variety of ways, including actively learning skills vital to a
professional finance or banking career, presenting on key issues in the sector, and
constructing basic risk models. These enable them to build up valuable experience and access
a wider range of professional opportunities.

Why Join?

Our analysts have the opportunity to develop a broad perspective of the Financial Services
Industry, deepening their understanding into the key causes of the 2007 Crisis, how the
Financial Sector is adapting to the risks of new technology, how risk is managed in an M&A
transaction and a variety of other topics.
We also provide guidance to all our members with personal application support and advice
for careers in the Financial industry. Additionally, members have the chance to engage in
sessions focused on building basic risk models for hypothetical scenarios.
Joining the Risk Division is a rewarding opportunity for anyone interested in how risk is
managed, and for those with a desire to pursue a career in the Financial Services sector.