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Who are we?


Co-Directors Ben Ryan and Jeppe Saarinen

The NEFS Equity Fund is one of the UK’s largest student-run investment groups; with 9 Managers and 63 Analysts, members meet to pitch and discuss stock proposals on a weekly basis, with wide industry and geographical coverage.

What Do We Do?

The Equity Fund Division offers a unique opportunity for members of NEFS to get real market experience through investing. Working collectively, the fund strives to educate members on investing in financial markets, across a diversified portfolio. We deliver a wide-ranging and intensive training programme which means that no previous experience is required. This provides the perfect opportunity to learn about financial markets and tailor your experience to your career aspirations.

Why Join?

Many students are interested in investing in the markets but simply don’t know where to start. The EF Division of NEFS offers the answer. Due to the scale of the fund, there is vast diversification and so the risk of losses is hugely reduced.

EF Division provides a platform for you to learn about and experience first-hand the financial markets, making you instantly more attractive to employers, while also giving you the opportunity to yield a real return upon liquidation at the end of the year.

Many of our members have gone on to secure prestigious internships in Investment Banking, Sales & Trading and Asset Management.



Our Funds & People

TMT: Bianca Merlusca

Financials: Shabbir Farooqi

Asia & Emerging Markets: Mario Pucinelli

US: Jake Archer

European: Luke Bacchus

Healthcare: James Counsell

Energy: Mark Wade

Retail: Sachin Patel

Industrials: Minal Patel

Metals & Mining: Yash Agrawal

Alternative Investments: Priya Rathod




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